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Welcome to the Film School @ SCC, offering degrees in Motion Picture and Television.

Our two-year, hands-on program is the only one of its kind among the community colleges in Arizona. You begin learning equipment and techniques from the first day of class. And you learn from professionals. All our instructors currently work in the fields they teach.

Enrichment opportunities, such as special workshops, speakers, new products demonstrations, and a library of screenplays are also offered as is helpful one-on-one advice when it’s needed. As a culmination of their studies, student work is evaluated by outside working professionals and can also be entered into our annual Student Film Showcase Festival.

Thanks for your interest in our program. We love what we do around here and we think you will too!



The mission of the Film School @ SCC is to provide an environment that fosters excellence and enhances creativity so our students leave their studies here skilled and ready to excel in their chosen professions, and will create their arts guided by the belief that the best artistic effort is governed by a love of the humane, the inclusive, and the diverse.

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